Manufacturing for architectural paints, industrial coatings, rubber and plastic finishes, wood, fiber/ textiles, masterbatch filling, paper making, printing inks. 


Manufactures and distributes speciality products for water cooling system, fiber/ textiles, leather, wood, metal working fluid/ oil fields, coatings, printing inks
and cosmetic articles.


Manufacturer and leader in metallic effect pigments Aluminum Paste leafing and non-leafing for chemically resistant coatings to protect both the exterior and interior surfaces include hammer tone paints, roof coatings and printing inks.


The company is responsible for the import and export of Group's self-owned products, meanwhile it also handles the agency business in the import and export of various products and technology.

Produces Zinc Stearate, Calcium stearate and Magnesium Stearate, as a neutralize and stabilizer for PVC resins, PP & HDPE applications, lubricant for plastic moulding and also for structural products, architectural products, resin coated sands and foundry chemicals

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